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Connect five… with a twist!

Rotex is a new two-player board game where you try to connect five in a row on a rotating board. Each turn consists of placing a tile of your color, and choosing a region of the board to rotate one notch clockwise.

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How to Play

  • Your objective is to be the first player to get five tiles in a row in any direction.
  • On each turn, you must place a tile of your color on an empty space on the board. You must also select one of the seven Rotators to rotate a region of the board one notch clockwise.
  • The game ends when a player gets five in a row, or when there are no more spaces left on which to place a tile.
  • If neither player gets five in a row, or both get five in a row at the same time, the game is a draw.


  • Online Multiplayer – Invite a friend, or let Game Center find you a match. Take turns at your leisure!
  • Pass and Play – Grab a friend and play against each other on the same device!
  • Single Player vs Computer – Challenge the Novice and Expert level computer opponents. Good luck!
  • Interactive tutorial – A quick, step-by-step guide that you can go back and replay any time!
  • Lightning fast startup time – No waiting around for loading screens!