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Your favorite word game, minus the words.

Instead of letters, the tiles are numbers, and instead of forming words, each sequence of tiles has to add up to five or a multiple of five, and no sequences may be more than five tiles long.

Five-O Deluxe for iOS

Five-O Free for iOS

Five-O Deluxe for the Mac


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How to Play

The Basics

  • Each player draws five tiles for their rack.
  • The first player places a sequence of one or more of their tiles on the board which sum to five or a multiple of five, with one of the tiles on the center square.
  • The next player, and then each player in turn, adds a sequence of one or more of their own tiles to the board, intersecting with tiles already in play.
  • All sequences of two or more tiles that are completed, both horizontally and vertically, must add up to multiples of five.
  • Sequences may never be more than five tiles in length.
  • At the end of each turn, players draw new tiles to replace the ones played.


  • The score for each play is the sum of the number tiles in sequences completed on that turn, plus any bonuses.
  • Bonuses are earned on the turn in which a player places a tile on a bonus square.
  • Bonus squares with a plus sign add to the score for the sequence.
  • Bonus squares with a multiplication sign multiply the score of the entire sequence.


  • The game ends when a player plays all of their remaining tiles and there are no more tiles left to draw.
  • The other players lose five points for each tile they have left when the game ends.
  • The player with the highest total score wins.

Tutorial Video


  • Easy to learn rules
  • Simple controls, just drag the tiles to the board
  • Online multiplayer – get a notification when it’s your turn to play
  • Pass and Play multiplayer supporting up to four players on one device
  • Three challenging computer opponents for single player fun
  • Hints for when you get stuck